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    OT - OU vs KSU

    How about the Texas comeback at Texas Tech? Reminds me of the NU-Iowa game in 2005. Down 15 with just over 3:00 to go and they pull it out in overtime with the help of an onside kick to get it there. Lots of offense in the crazy Big12. Not so sure about their defenses, though.
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    Hey Lou...

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    Media Zoom Call Wednesday

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    Notre Dame-Wake Forest postponed

    The season will go on.
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    What Changed the Big Ten’s Mind About Fall Football

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    Looks like JJTBC has dropped on depth chart

    Chargers coulda won if they convert first and goal at the three with 3:00 to go. JJTBC might have helped there...
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    The absolute nicest man and family

    Chris Hinton's story is an inspiring one. Came from a small south side non-powerhouse public league program (Phillips) and changed positions a couple times at NU before settling in at offensive tackle. His blocking was an important part of breaking all three of the Cats ugly streaks: 34 gamer...
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    Northwestern Worried About Being Thrown Out of Big Ten

    I don't know about that. Peay started off well but then we were a bad 0-11 in 1989, losing to MSU 76-14 and Illini 63-14 and I will never forget season opener of 1991 when we fumbled 8 times vs. Rice in a 36-7 loss. Make no mistake, Gary Barnett took over a dumpster fire.
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    Did the BIG make a mistake?

    Cmon GoCatsGo, a winter or spring season makes no sense on many levels. You either play in the fall or you don't. Logistics are a nightmare otherwise. PAC-12 is also said to considering a November startup and they have a lot of more than covid issues to worry about (like terrible air from all...
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    Did the BIG make a mistake?

    The Big Ten is a rudderless ship right now. Who hired this Warren guy anyhow?
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    With No COVID

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    2021 March Madness

    Maybe adding a couple extra rounds to NCAA tourney could make up for SOME of the lost revenue from last March. I think an expanded tourney with a shortened regular season makes a lot of sense but I don't think it needs to be all Division One teams.
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    Stunner: Walker edges Fitz as NU's top middle linebacker over the last 25 years

    Fitz had a great two year run, but Walker had the best single game performance I've ever seen by a Wildcat MLB vs. Stanford in 2016 when he shut down Christian McCaffrey.
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    25 years ago today: Remembering NU 17 ND 15

    Thanks, Lou. Great memory. I was with watching it on the Notre Dame network (NBC) at my dad's house. He took me to my first game in 1951 (a win over Pitt) and we had gone to the games for many seasons. He was a longtime Northwestern professor and season ticket holder and I when I took him to a...
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    Vic Law

    Just being on the playoff roster and getting to practice more against elite players is a real boost to Vic. And getting an NBA salary in this pandemic economy is a good thing. Can't see the Magic winning that series but they won't be swept!
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    Interesting interview with Loren Howard

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    No more PAC-12 after dark

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    Inside Source

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    Penn State vs Northwestern in home opener! Who ya got?

    Penn State number seven in preseason poll. Would be a big upset if we could win there!
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    Big Ten Schedule 2020 (link)

    The team has been working out together in the lakefront facility since the middle of June. Coaches were allowed to participate in July. That's the case with all BIG schools. Yes, there have been interruptions, but I don't think teams won't be ready by Labor Day weekend unless there are major...